Heelllooooo sexy ass barista. Can I have some extra caramel drizzle and your dick in my mouth?

What I noticed:1. Attractive Guy 2. THAT STARBUCKS RESTAURANT HAS A DRIVE-THRU?! They’re Blessed!
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Genie, I'm... I'm gonna miss you.
                                                 ... Me too, Al.
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LOL one papercut and he dead
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When we suffer… we do it in silence. The world likes it that way. Then we just fade… like we never existed.

Nerrisa (The Wolf Among Us - Telltale games)

Society has put up so many boundaries, so many limitations on what’s right and wrong that it’s almost impossible to get a pure thought out. It’s like a little kid, a little boy, looking at colors, and no one told him what colors are good, before somebody tells you you shouldn’t like pink because that’s for girls, or you’d instantly become a gay two-year-old. Why would anyone pick blue over pink? Pink is obviously a better color. Everyone’s born confident, and everything’s taken away from you.

Kanye West (via emilyteix)